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good thursday morning. thanks for starting your day with us, i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas.
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warning for san francisco drivers. area around south van ness and 17th street is likely to be tied up for a while following a police pursuit. terry mcsweeney is live at the scene. that chase ended in a frightening crash. >> reporter: it did. the impact you are going to see in a moment. here at 17th and south van ness it will be busy shortly a city worker is trying to repair the signal box, he says the repairs are going to take hours maybe until noon. right now there is nobody out here directing traffic. we've heard horns and people getting a little upset with people who are not taking their time going through thin section. that began westbound 80, chp saw a driver who was speeding, weaving and nearly hitting construction workers then on to 15th, that's the video, the vehicle being chased jeep suv,
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hit a parked vehicle which hit a person on a bicycle. the person on the bike seriously injured, you see the damage, the rider taken to the hospital. again, serious injuries the vehicle being chased was going the wrong way down 15th street. now look at video from 17th and south van ness a short time ago. the crash took out the signal box here making this intersection uncontrolled. the vehicle stopped there, also knocked part of a streetlight down. the driver of the jeep taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. we were told that the driver is being charged with dui, hit-and-run, evading a police pursuit. again out here at 17th and south van ness as traffic increases it is going to be more dangerous i've seen cars going through at 25, 30 miles an hour, shooting through this
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intersection. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 5:03. in antioch police investigating fatal shooting at apartment complex a man found inside a unit 9:00 last night. police called for the walnut creek bomb squad after what appeared to be an ied was found but they determined it was not. no one one has been arrested. amy hollyfield will have a live report in half an hour. in oakland, 5-year-old boy fighting for his life at children's hospital. fire official says the boy darted into traffic around 5:15 near lake merritt and was hit by a van the family was nearby, the driver stopped and cooperated with police. the child is reported in critical condition now. the government is deepening its investigation into whether a popular energy drink is dangerous, even fatal. more deaths are being looked
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at in connection to five hour -- to 5 hour energy. katie marzullo is following new developments. >> reporter: the city attorney is getting in on this demanding the makers of energy drinks prove they are safe. he wants labels to be more accurate. today researchers are releasing a report on the risks of the drinks as the fda drops a bombshell in the past four years 13 deaths have been linked to 5 hour energy drink and 30 people have suffered serious or life-threatening injuries like heart attacks. a few weeks ago the fda said monster energy drinks were linked to five deaths. we don't know what is in the study, a doctor did tell us how these drinks can be dangerous. >> if somebody were to have a predestined heart condition adrenaline with the caffeine may tip them over the edge and
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cause lethal arrhythmia. >> reporter: energy manufacturers point out there is no proven link between products and the death. 5 hour energy said the product is intended for busy adults and contain as much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee. consumer reports says 5 hour has 215 milligrams of caffeine, 8 ounce cup of coffee between 100 and 150 milligrams. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 19-year-old belmont man due in court in morning on multiple felony charges after san mateo police say he wrecked two borrowed cars in two days while high on nitrous oxide. check out this youtube video of the second crash that caused a six-car pile up october 13th. police say he smashed into a car at in san mateo, flipped on its side and hit four more
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cars in oncoming traffic. dozens of canisters of nitrous oxide were found in both cars he crashed. tsa plans a new screening system at san francisco international airport, tsa-precheck will allow passengers to be prescreened so the tsa can concentrate on people who are more likely to pose a risk. officials expect to three 3% more travelers going through the airport -- between now and new year's. as a result the airport expects to set a new record exceeding the previous record of 41 million passenger. got a taste for fresh crab? you should be able to have some on your table by tonight fishermen will bring in the first catch of the commercial season later today unlike last year there won't be a repeat of the price dispute that delayed the season this year fishermen and merchants decided quickly on a price, $3
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a pound we have to pay a little extra, maybe $7 a pound. today buster posey is expected to add mvp to his list of accolades. results of the votes will released today, posey won the national league battling title last season the first catcher in 70 years. he batted 336 with 24 homeruns, 103 runs batted in. he has earned the comeback player of year award and hank an ron award in addition to the giants winning the world series for the -- for the second time in three years. >> throwing outrunners, just being buster. time for a check on the weather. mike telling us when the rain is going to get here.
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today no worries, good morning. in fact, not even seeing an influence from that low to our west, conditions are nearly calm, we have a south wind at 6 at novato northeast wind fairfield about 7, the green the deeper moisture the original drier, curl in the atmosphere and clouds kicking up across southern california, clouds are coming our way increasing clouds today, that will cap our temperatures in the low 60s coast mid to upper 60s bay and inland before we get to that 40s and 50s when you step out this morning upper 50s to low 60s noon, mild during lunch, mainly in the upper 50s by 7:00. next three days, some of the wettest in the forecast, waves of rain for tomorrow, have the wet weather gear handy it could be raininging in the morning commute, again during the evening commute, rounds of showers for saturday, some of those rounds could be heavier than what we'll have tomorrow, then it looks like our best
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chance of rain will be sunday morning, sunday afternoon we may get a break that would be the only time this weekend. san jose, northbound 87 this morning very light headlights northbound past hp pavillion on your left. no problems there. >> san mateo bridge still looking good from the toll westbound towards the highrise towards san mateo and foster city headlights headed in hayward direction no issues either direction this is american canyon highway 29 south kelly injury accident police on scene with problems, blocking the intersection if you are in that area. out of antioch still glad, no problems towards concord, good out of central valley up and over the altamont pass less than 15 minutes into the dublin pleasanton interchange. all mass transit at this hour everybody is up and out and on schedule.
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5:10. >> are you trying to stretch your holiday budget? you may have all the cash you need hiding in your jewelry case. >> next, michael finney shows you how to turn unused
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a look from our roof cam to the embarcadero center, ferry building, bay bridge clear, not much to talk about
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rain-wise yet. this time tomorrow that should look wet in fact we have a lot of rain coming in friday, saturday, sunday i'll map out your weekend forecast in a minute. 5:13. this morning police in san rafael are searching for an armed man who chose the wrong house to break into. it happened late tuesday night at an apartment in the 200 block of playa delray. two teenaged girls who live there fought the prowler off with a knife while calling 911. the man ran off he received substantial facial injuries and possible stab wounds to the upper body. hospitals are being warned in case he shows up, described as his pan knicks, 19 to 20, 5 -- hispanic, 19 two 20, -- a deal that guarantees jobs to san francisco residents on a warriors arena is in place. under an agreement signed yesterday, a minimum of 25% of
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those hired to bill the arena will be san francisco residents. the propose add rina will be located at piers -- the proposed arena will be located at piers 30 and 32. if you wondered where your tax dollars are going there's a new website to check out. it is being rolled out by the state controller to provide taxpayers with accountability, information on salaries on everyone. we have a to the website on our website many people have jewelry they never wear. a lot of them sell it for the price of the gold or silver it contains they could be losing out on extra cash if they do. michael finney explains. >> reporter: rita is arriving at the san francisco office of circa, international jewelry
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firm here to sell some of her jewelry. they go over each piece. the metal identified, diamonds and other stones examined this is different from selling gold. >> we look at every item as a piece of jewelry not just as gold, as a stylish gold necklace. >> reporter: take this bracelet, what it lacks in gold and stones it makes up for in pedigree. >> this is a van cleef bracelet one of their more well-known lines. >> reporter: worth more than the rolex and diamond tennis bracelet combined. it wouldn't have been like that if this was a straight-up gold by. >> the told for -- the total for everything came to $10,350. >> wow. >> reporter: another place you could sell, home consignment center in danville inside there's a jewelry consignment desk. >> 60% goes to the customer,
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40% to us. that's how we work. we figure a price on it, we come up with a price i know the market, that a customer will buy. >> reporter: kristi sold a rolex watch. >> it was very, very easy. you just walk this, you show 'em what you have, they look, put a value on it, leave with it them and within a short period of time, it is sold. really happy with the process. >> reporter: of course you can sell on ebay that website is a great way to value items before selling or consigning the pieces. sometimes jewelry is worth more than the sum of its parts. sometimes not. because of that, we have a video explaining how gold and silver is bought and sold. we will post that on our website, i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> great information for the holidays. >> yeah nice jewelry.
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[ unintelligible ] rain tomorrow we've been pointing towards friday i think that is still going to be the case. 5:17. looking down to the southeast, still clear out there, a few high clouds roaming through north bay, a little fog, visibility has improved. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd, spinning, waiting, reaching out, hundreds of miles to detect the rain before it gets to the coast, which could be as quickly as this evening, just scattered light showers, the bulk of the weather will come in tonight through tomorrow morning. let's talk about temperatures just updated these now santa rosa at 39, fairfield up
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to 40, pretty much 40s and 50s, let's talk about 50s seem to be less fremont 53, oakland 51, san francisco 54. monterey bay and inland, 50 monterey, 55 salinas. gilroy cooler at 38. increasing clouds this afternoon dimmer sunshine means slightly cooler compared to yesterday, rainy periods waves of rain that are going to roll through not steady but waves of rain friday through sunday. still unsettled pattern next week, could bring more rain to the bay area especially north bay. here's a look at our highs for today, low 60s along the coast, mid to upper 60s for the rest of us, as you head towards the monterey bay increasing clouds, mild, mid 60s to upper 60s around the bay, upper 60s to 70 inland. some of the showers starting to move in overnight, temperatures milder than this morning, mid 40s inland, low
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to mid 50s for the rest of us. high pressure still holding down the fort , holding this low at bay it will come in tonight and hang around tomorrow -- secondary system from the north will bring rain saturday and sunday. renegade shower or two during the evening. better chance of rain during the morning commute tomorrow handling around, waves of wet weather some of the heaviest during the evening hours friday steadier rain overnight through saturday morning. make it a quick break saturday afternoon before the next system comes from the north you can see heavier rain in the north bay that will slide south across the bay during the overnight hours into sunday rainfall amounts most impress sniff our mountains green up to >> ainsley: -- green up to an inch and a half there. today get your outdoor activities finished before the rain coolest sunday best chance of showers monday and
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tuesday in the north bay. berkeley into the macarthur maze east shore freeway, relatively light, folks out there, no slow downs as you make your way towards the maze westbound once you get into the bay bridge toll here's what you will find, light traffic no metering lights no issues upper deck. southbound golden gate bridge, two lanes will be changing to four for your commute. eastbound 580 first reports of a pick-up truck that drove off the road into a fence this is the counter commute direction there may be rubbernecking westbound you can see a little slow past the scene out of tracy area into livermore. still just over 15 minutes into the dublin pleasanton area from the altamont pass back to the south bay southbound 880 alameda on-ramp closed due to emergency repair work that hopefully will be cleaned up by the end of the
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morning commute, a look at drive times right now from santa rosa to novato, highway 4 out of antioch and there's your east shore commute, carquinez bridge to the maze. china has a new leader this morning. who moves into the top spot this was expected taking over as head of the communist party the political party has ruled china more than 60 years the son of a party elder served as vice president for the past five years, takes over as general secretary and china's president next spring he will lead the world's number two economy and vocal calls for economic and political reform. nasa and russia say they are still in control of the space station, even though construction workers severed a communications cable serving mission control near moscow. communication has been rerouted since they cannot send commands to parts of the lab. nasa sent this picture of the you aboard the space station.
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american astronaut ford among them. the cable damage could delay the return of the three astronauts. next, the dale that clears the way for construction of a new controversial safeway store in oakland. north bay university receives largest gift in its 122 year history. how the money will transform a mansion on campus into a state-of-the-art classroom.
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welcome back. beautiful picture of san francisco to oakland from our sutro cam. increasing clouds today, chance of rain coming in tonight through the weekend. be prepared, today is the last dry day for a while. 5:25. in oakland compromise has been reached between safeway and local residents on the expansion of a rock ridge supermarket after years of debate safeway has agreed to reduce the size of of the project to 45,000 square feet, 8,000 square feet less than the original plan. instead of putting the store on upper level, it will be built at ground level with parking on top. announcement came hours before the oakland city council was vote on an appeal that might have blocked the project. dominican university in
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san rafael has received the largest gift in its 120 2-year-old -- 122-year-old history, eight million dollars to turn a mansion into a state-of-the-art facility for teaching health sciences. low cost satellite controlled by same technology that runs smartphone. contra costa library system given national medal for innovation an app that lets you check out e-books and mobile lending program to check out books from a machine in your neighborhood or at the mall. slew of innovation. >> i have a library card for them, so way to go guys. 5:26 sadder news, a man found dead in an antioch apartment, we are live with the scare that had police calling out the bomb squad. happening now, san francisco firefighters on the scene of an apartment
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building fire that has left neighbors out in the cold. travel forecast, traveling around the bay towards pacifica, check out temperatures dry 53, more clouds, 59 noon, mild 4:00 with 61. stray shower possible at 7:00, 50s -- 55°. berkeley, [ inaudible ] 50s through 7:00, partly sunny and 62 mid 60s during the afternoon. should be dry during the evening and 60°. more news, weather
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5:30 thursday, hope you
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are having a great morning. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. in antioch police are asking for help in solving the shooting death of a man whose body was found in an apartment last night. amy hollyfield is live at the antioch police department. the bizarre part, how did the bomb squad get involved? >> reporter: because they weren't sure what they found in that apartment. the call came in 9:15 last night. police found the man who had been shot to death inside an apartment. they also found a suspicious device. they did call the bomb squad. they thought maybe it was an explosive. the walnut creek bomb squad responded. they didn't say what the object was, just that it wasn't an explosive, they did get it out without problems. the police haven't solved the murder case. they need anyone with information to come forward this happened on sycamore
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drive in antioch the victim was a 32-year-old man. this comes as the crime rate in antioch is going up, up 44% for the first nine months of the year a rests are down, 17% itch the police chief thinks part of the -- problem is, he doesn't have enough officers his number of sworn officers is down 40 officers compared to norm he's down, he says he's got fewer place -- fewer police the crime rate is going up something he wants to have addressed as soon as possible. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. following breaking news out of san francisco right now, a wild pursuit has ended with a crash, several injured, cars damaged and a driver under arrest for dui. the chase began just after the bay bridge into san francisco on one of the first off-ramps into the city and continued to 15th where the driver of an suv hit a parked car which hit a person on a bike, injuring
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the rider. the crash ended on 17th and south van ness where the jeep crashed into a signal post, injuring the driver, let's take a live look at that scene at 17th and south van ness. it is going to be a busy intersection this morning. crews are working to fix the stoplight. you see traffic just having to go around it, a cyclist there. the jeep hit a signal box, knocking out power to the light that word coming in from terry mcsweeney at the scene. chp says the driver is under arrest for dui. you can see the signal is out, hit-and-run is going to be charged and evading police. in san francisco firefighters say a wall heater started an apartment fire. it started shortly after two near dubose triangle neighborhood at a six unit apartment building between 15th and henry. it took about 40 minutes for crews to bring the fire under control. officials say one unit
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uninhabitable the others suffered smoke and water damage everybody got out safely. >> in vallejo investigators trying to determine the cause of a fire they are calling suspicious. this started 2:45 this morning at a bar on a strip mall, firefighters knocked down the flames in 30 minutes. there have been a rash of suspicious fires in the area. arson investigators are looking at a fire at a vacant home a away on alameda street or alabama street in the east bay body of a man found in the berkeley hills not far from the uc berkeley campus last night the man in his early 20s discovered 250 feet down a hill off grizzly peak near clermont north of campus, uc police say it appears the man fell and there toes not seem to be any indication of foul play they are not ruling anything out discovery follows report of a missing person an hour and a half earlier. in the south bay the
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sheriff's office investigating how a registered sex offender was able to volunteer at a catholic school event. 51-year-old man worked as a volunteer at the st. francis catholic school festival in october. somebody recognized him as a sex offender and notified a deputy who was onsite. he was not arrested because he showed them a letter that had written permission from a church official for him to be there. the diocese says it has not been able to track down the source of that letter. haz-mat crews trying to determine what type of chemical spilled inside a cheese plant last night in an industrial area of menlo park. three teams showed up because they didn't know what they were dealing with. fire officials tell abc7 news they think it was either hydrochloric acid or lye. eight employees were evacuated and they are all fine. demonstrators camping out at ucf -- campus they plan to
5:35 am
voice concerns at open session of that meeting regents are looking at budgets for the next few years, following recommendation of the governor both systems are growing not to raise fees for this year. he also suggested online course offerings as a way to keep costs down. the governor says the passage of prop 30 offers hope there's still a long way to go to balance the higher education budget. in a few hours state senator leno of san francisco is holding an informational hearing in san francisco about california refineries and their impact on the price we pay for gas. according to the sacramento bee, a report will be released that will show during recent price spikes the refineries continued to produce gas despite claims of shortages and equipment failures. in may researchers say shell's plant was down for one week for maintenance, scheduled for two. they say chevron's richmond
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refine never ceased operations even though they reported two weeks of maintenance during that time drivers on the west coast were paying 50 cents a gallon more than the rest of the country. crews will be out this morning in daly city shoring up an unstable hillside before rain hits. they are stacking hay as a temporary fix for the slipping hillside caused by tuesday morning's water pipe break rain is in the forecast and causing concern more of the hillside will come down. a plan for permanent repairs is not expected until after the rain has arrived. officials don't know why the pipe ruptured and caused that kind of damage they suspect age was a factor. president obama heads to new york today to tour hurricane sandy damage he will meet with local officials, first responders, fema staff and families. he was in new jersey before the election last we'll be. parts of new york and
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new jersey are still without power, consolidated edison and long island power company have received subpoenas from the new york state attorney general investigating their response to the storm and how they handled storm victims. on capitol hill, lawmakers continue their meeting behind closed doors today with top fbi and cia officials over what led to the resignation of david petraeus. petraeus resigned last week after admitting to an extramarital affair with paula broadwell discovered during an fbi investigation of harassing e-mails allegedly sent by broadwell to jill kelley. federal law enforcement official says broadwell also sent e-mails to senior military officials in an attempt to undermine kelley who she saw as a rival. petraeus set to testify tomorrow morning on the u.s. consulate attack in libya. the fbi is also investigating broadwell's possession of classified documents and whether or not she could have those documents. we were also talking about
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crews in daly city working on the hillside how many hours might they have before the rain gets here? >> all day today, once the sunsets the timer has gone off, as the overnight hours will see the rain move into the bay area, good morning, let's talk about visibilities now they are improving in all areas, up to miles in santa rosa, we had 3/4 mile visibility, last hour with fog that is a good sign, high clouds on the increase, they haven't moved in fast enough to keep the microclimates from developing, 39 santa rosa, 40 fairfield, 346 in san jose, 42 in los gatos, low to mid 40s concord, livermore and upper 40s to low 50s around redwood city and oakland to 54 in san francisco, today the bulk of the clouds are down to our south, so is the best chance of rain we have to wait for this low to come in during the nighttime hours to bring us the rain you have this last day drive weather to get
5:39 am
outdoor activities finished. increasing clouds mild at noon, low 60s at the coast at 4:00, upper 60s everywhere else, we will hang around with mostly cloudy sky and stray shower during the evening upper 50s temperatures drop a little each day, waves of rain tomorrow, couple rounds of showers for saturday, showers early sunday, looks like sunday around, keep our fingers crossed now, we'll be dry. we are going to a live shot san rafael southbound 101, no brake lights, tail lights moving at the limit towards central san rafael, all the way to the golden gate bridge out of waldo tunnel, no problems, no fog, nice drive, four lanes for your southbound commute towards the toll and san francisco highway 24 busy no brake lights until you reach caldecott tunnel, headlights through orinda and lafayette moving nicely. eastbound 580 at airway
5:40 am
boulevard earlier accident cleared. westbound beginning to slow speeds under 40 miles an hour, 20 minute drive towards the dublin pleasanton interchange. we checked with mass transit, getting to have -- getting off to a great start. man charged in the colorado theater massacre was supposed to be in court today. instead he's being watched by doctors. we'll tell you why. >> >> good news for college grads why they may be sending out fewer resumes this spring. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow.
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delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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>> mount tamalpais a little breezy winds work down to the coast during the afternoon and bring breezes the rest of us breezes are bringing in clouds and rainfall forecast in less than five minutes. 5:43. the man charged in the colorado movie theater massacre has managed to keep himself out of a courtroom this morning. james holmes was taken to a hospital tuesday. sources tell abc news holmes tried to hurt himself by ramming his head repeatedly into the wall of his jail cell. he was released from the hospital and taken back to his cell. the judge granted a continuance yesterday. holmes is accused of killing
5:44 am
12 and wounding 58 during a screening of the newest batman film in july. he has plead -- he has not yet entered a plea. justice department expected to announce a plea with bp and it could include manslaughter charges for two employees and a record fine. the 2010 explosion of a bp oil rig in the gulf coast killed 11 and led to the massive spill. bp will plead guilty to obstruction for lying to congress about how much oil was pouring out of the well. bp could pay a record fine some estimates put it between 5 and 20 billion dollars. better prospects if you have a child about to graduate from college. new survey predicts employers will increase hiring of college graduates in the coming year. demand for four year degree graduates should go up 5%, two year degrees, 30%. jobs for mba's will likely
5:45 am
drop because employers are unwilling to pay higher reese. -- higher salaries. you might need to save extra money if you are planning on black friday shopping. bloomberg business report is next. sunnyvale woman is alive thanks to her quick thinking daughter. another lance armstrong's reputation who is erasing his name now
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welcome back. 5:48 on this thursday many storm to the south starting to bring showers often coast of los angeles and san diego everywhere else dry now stray shower possible south of the monterey bay as we head into the afternoon and down south of san diego otherwise increasing clouds everywhere with temperatures in the 50s around tahoe, 60s for eureka, chico, big sur to san diego, 70s through the central valley, los angeles, 80 in palm springs. 5:49.
5:49 am
image of a cross found in a tree trunk at a lafayette cemetery is creating a buzz. people have been stopping by the queen of heff excellent cemetery to see it. -- the queen of heaven cemetery to see it. a ground keeper whose brother died a few weeks ago in a car accident says he has been looking for signs and thinks this is it. they are warting for a response from the tie sis to find out what to do about it. -- a woman is alive thanks to quick thinking of her daughter who saved her mother's life by performing cpr. 53-year-old laurie's husband found his wife passed out with her eyes rolled back sunday afternoon while watching the 49ers game. he panicked, calling to his daughter lindsey who came running. she had one cpr lesson two years ago, and she remembered that and knew what she needed to do and started doing cpr,
5:50 am
by herself, until help got there. laurie's brain did not have oxygen for nearly 30 minutes. the doctors say the cpr in the critical first three minutes not only saved her mother's life but also probably saved her from brain damage. >> she was gone and now she is here and smiling at me and tells me she loves me, that's all i wanted, i just wanted to hear her voice she saved my life. i love her. >> lindsey has been sleeping on a hospital room chair since her mom was admitted. san francisco 49er quarterback smith says he's getting better following the concussion he suffered last sunday. he passed tests monday then allowed to flow passes and do a noncontact drill yesterday. looks like he will be able to start monday against the bears assuming there's no recurrence of the blurred vision. the next step would be for doctors to clear smith for regular practice which could
5:51 am
happen today. jay cutler is out with a concussion as well. >> he got clobbered. >> he did. >> both head injuries, not good. >> does it make you nervous when you have kids who play? >> no, because the kids don't hit that hard at that level, when you look look at freshmen seniors on the varsity team, there's a big difference. no, not yet. my kids plays on the line. 5:51. good morning. good question, thank you for sharing your concern. high clouds to the east mount diablo way off, starting to see first signs of the sun not going to rise for another hour, hour 10 minutes. here's another perspective of what is going on, dry, doppler still on, still looking for radar returns it will reach out over the ocean later during the evening to catch some of those and will track them for tomorrow's morning
5:52 am
commute. 39 santa rosa, 54 san francisco our temperature spread light to heavy jacket weather this morning. around the monterey bay inland upper 40s to mid 50s gilroy 38°. increasing clouds, dry this afternoon. rainy periods will roll in tonight and hang around through the entire weekend, we still have an unsettled pattern next week. we need the rain and mountain snow, mother nature is giving us an early shot of it as november is becoming pretty wet potentially. low 60s coast, mid to upper 60s for the rest of us. around the monterey bay, we have mid to upper 60s, 60s to 70 inland just to the south the best chance of seeing wet weather during the afternoon. temperatures in the mid 40s inland to mid 50s around the bay tonight, radar returns already showing up, high pressure holding on now, check out this area of low pressure coming in, friday's forecast, and when it does, it is going
5:53 am
to make it wet for the morning commute and also for the evening commute. here you go, see the clouds increasing today, scattered showers during the evening, rain overnight, waves through tomorrow into the evening hours once again, another batch comes in saturday morning and a heavier batch saturday night, that's what i mean by periods of wet weather. last chance of organized wet weather sunday morning the best chance of rain after that monday through wednesday, mainly across the north bay. be prepared, it is on the way. let's take traffic >> we are talking traffic now to the bay bridge toll, no metering lights, left hand cash paying lanes minor delay headed westbound into san francisco, no problems on the upper deck when you get towards treasure island into san francisco, san mateo bridge getting busier much more traffic headed westbound, brake lights towards the highrise over towards foster city boulevard and san mateo eastbound no problem the other
5:54 am
side of the san mateo bridge north 101 at kehoe reports of accident just cleared off to the right. north 101 rohnert park off-ramp, signal lights not working a back-up that happened the same time yesterday morning. if you are traveling now, drive times highway 24 westbound to the caldecott nice drive out of walnut creek, 4 beginning to bunch up out of antioch east shore freeway less than 20 mines into the maze. 5 -- 20 minutes into the maze. numbers released by the labor department indicates superstorm sandy drove people applying for unemployment benefits to 439,000 last week. >> people can claim unemployment benefits if their workplace is closed. that's up 78,000 from the week before. the highest level in 18 months. with the morning's other money news here's jane king. twinkies and wonder bread maker hostess threatening to
5:55 am
shutdown, saying unless enough striking workers cross the picket line today, 18,000 workers will be out of a job. jc pennies may not make it past countries -- jc penney may not make it past christmas 2014. you might need to save more planning on shopping at wal-mart, target or best buy on black friday prices are going up, median price for goods in the three stores the day after thanksgiving flyers are -- fliers are higher than a year ago itch at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. -- cancer foundation created by lance armstrong is putting more distance between itself and armstrong. livestrong is dropping armstrong's name from its title. it will be known simply as
5:56 am
livestrong. armstrong created the charity after he came down with cancer in 1997 but except away last month after officials ruled he -- but he stepped away last month after officials ruled he was performance-enhancing drugs. nudist rallied yesterday, their lawsuit is asking for temporary restraining order against the measure the board is set to take up the measure next tuesday opponents say being naked in public is protected political speech. there will be another protest at city hall saturday. soda gets a lot of blame for our obesity problem a new study shows booze is just as bad. cdc found adults get empty calories from alcohol as from soft drinks on an average day a third of men and 1/5 of women consume cal rays from alcohol.
5:57 am
cdc says men typically -- drink 150 calories a day and women about 50. next, not something we are used to hearing out of sacramento, a budget surplus. billions that could soon be in the state treasury. ahead, new tablet microsoft hopes is on your christmas list. is the tech giant trying to deceive customers? new lawsuit just filed. thanksgiving staple, stuffing. how do the store brands compare with the real thing? michael finney
5:58 am
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